Hacktoberfest 2021 with Appsmith

Hacktoberfest 2021 with Appsmith


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Come For The Swag, Stay For The Community

A word from our CEO

We started Appsmith because we wanted to create a developer-first product to make an engineer's life easy. From being a small, little-known project on Github, we now have 5K stars. This wouldn't have been possible without our community; apart from giving us incredible feedback, they also contributed immensely to our codebase.

We now have over 100 🌏 contributors, and we want to expand our community (that means you!), empowering our users to contribute to a project that will always remain developer first.

And so, we're back again this year for an exciting month-long virtual festival supporting open-source projects. We love it because it's celebratory and community-oriented! Read the full announcement here.

In that spirit, we are kicking off the Hacktoberfest 2021.

Happy Hacking!

Abhishek Nayak 🤓 / @arey_abhishek


We've created this page as a one-stop-shop for you to get all things related to Hacktoberfest!


About Appsmith

Appsmith is a low code, open-source framework to build internal applications.

With our JavaScript-based visual development platform, build CRUD apps, Dashboards, Admin Panels, and many more 10x faster.

You can use our pre-built UI widgets, connect them to your APIs and databases to build dynamic apps and complex workflows.

And the best part? Deploy these apps on the technology you prefer! (self-host for free!).

Website | Github | Register for Hacktoberfest

What You Can Contribute

Here's a broad list of ideas for contribution


Please help us create and fix features across the Appsmith platform.

Submit a Template

We have a wide set of forkable plug-n-play templates. Build one and share them with the community.

Improve Documentation

We believe that a great product is supported by even better documentation. Please help us fill in the gaps or fixing existing errors.

Write about Appsmith

We're looking for blogs, tutorials, how-to guides, reviews, etc. about Appsmith and JavaScript.

And needless to say, tutorials on newer ways to use Appsmith.

You can also tell us how you get something done in Appsmith that is unique to your development environment and application.

What's in it for You?*

We've got some special Appsmith swag for you! The more you contribute, the more we ship! Please make sure to read the terms and conditions and the FAQs.

  • 1 Closed PR - Appsmith Stickers
  • 2 Closed PRs - Appsmith Stickers, Water Bottle
  • 3 Closed PRs - Appsmith Stickers, Water Bottle, Appsmith T-Shirt
  • 4 Closed PRs - Appsmith Stickers, Water Bottle, Appsmith Hoodie
  • 4 Closed PRs + - Appsmith Surprise Box
  • Each tutorial counts towards 2 PRs
  • Each how-to Guide counts towards 2 PRs

*Terms and conditions apply.

Got questions? We Got You!

To participate, do I need a GitHub account?

Appsmith is open-source on GitHub, in order to contribute, you must have a GitHub account.

I've never participated in Hacktoberfest. What is Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is a month-long event sponsored by DigitalOcean, where developers contribute towards maintaining open-source projects. If your contributions are approved, you will get swag from DigitalOcean. At Appsmith, we encourage support for open-source; we make this more exciting by sending out cool swag! Please note, you will not be compensated monetarily.

I am not a developer; can I still contribute?

A thousand times yes! All contributions are welcome, and Hacktoberfest is open to anyone. You could be a student, designer, writer, product manager, or anything else! We have a wide range of features that we want to implement. You can go through them or come up with one on your own! We are happy to guide you along the way. Do join our Discord Channel. Video contributions and graphic design are also welcome.

Are there any guidelines for contribution?

Yes, each contribution category has its own guidelines. In the section above, please click on "Contribution Guidelines" for more information. For any queries or doubts, please email hacktoberfest@appsmith.com.

How do I get started with Appsmith?

If you're new to Appsmith and want to contribute, you can get started from our docs. Alternatively, we have scores of videos on Youtube, a great community, and a lively discord channel.

I want more help with understanding Appsmith. Do you have tutorials?

Yes, we do. Please check out our Youtube Channel and our blogs.

All this is great, but how will you validate my contributions?

Our hardworking engineering and marketing team will be dedicating extra resources to review all your contributions and help you merge PRs. Due to a high volume of submissions, we request you to be patient.

Are small contributions valid?

We believe that no contribution is big or small. If the contribution affects the community positively, we will definitely consider it.

How will you assign an issue to me? Can we pick them randomly?

To keep things well organized, we recommend that you reply to the issue on Github based on your expertise and interests. One of our team members will get back to you and assign that particular issue to your Github username.

How should I create a PR on the Appsmith repository?

To create a PR, you should be aware of the basics of Git. If you're new, we recommend that you go through this link: https://docs.github.com/en/get-started.

When will my swag be shipped out?

We will be processing all the swag shipments after 31 October 2021. Please allow us some time to get these shipped to you. However, if you have any queries or would like to update your address, email hacktoberfest@appsmith.com with the subject line: "Swag Shipment: Appsmith <Github_User>." Please note that we request you to give us a few days to respond due to the high volume of emails.

Is shipping available globally?

Yes, it is. We will do our best to make sure the swag kit reaches you.